Building Your Legacy

None of us knows for how long we’ll be here on the earth or what our true legacy will be.

One night at the dinner table at Riddle Village, the retirement community where my folks lived for about 20 years (until Dad died and Mom went into their medical wing known at Monticello), I asked Dad what it was like to live in a place where at least once a month one of their friends died. He thought about it only for a second or two and said:

“You learn it’s a part of life!”

That was my Dad – really smart, spiritual, and quite uplifting with his spirited responses.

What IS Your Legacy? defines it:

1. a gift by will especially of money or other personal property

2. something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past (the legacy of the ancient philosophers)

It goes on and presents several examples:

1. She left us a legacy of a million dollars.

2. He left his children a legacy of love and respect.

3. The war left a legacy of pain and suffering.

4. Her artistic legacy lives on through her children.

Numbers 1, 2, and 4 apply to this website and we’ll touch on each of them. In THIS section, I’m referring to #2 – that legacy of love and respect, presented in a way so you are remembered as a real, living, emotional person. You’re remembered for what you said, what you sounded like, what you looked like, how you interacted with people, and so much more.

The Value Of Video

Video is the only medium that combines images, sound, music, “lower-third” text, and presents you in a way that may be more perfect than you were (after all, video can be edited where being with you in life is raw and in-the-moment).

Here are some examples of videos I created with my grandson, Beckett. (To See Video Lessons From My Grandson, Click Here!) But video doesn’t need to be “professional” to be a living memory of you.

However, to capture video you will need some equipment, as outlined here. (To See Some Video Equipment Examples, Click Here!)

The Power Of Photography

Though photography doesn’t have the sound, movement, feel of video, it is still important to use. And YES: be sure you get INTO the photographs so people remember what you look like.

And these days, old-fashioned photo albums (you remember those peal-away, clear plastic coverings for sticky pages where you’d layout your 3.5x5″ or 4x6″ photos?) are definitely a thing of the past.

As a former professional photographer (for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, family portraits, theater photography, and more), I used to pay thousands of dollars to get albums produced. And. They. Were. Gorgeous! More people hired me after seeing a friend’s album.

But THESE days, you can get albums, wall portraits on canvas, and even blankets printed with your favorite photographs. To See Some Examples Of Today’s Photography, Click Here!






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