Books To Share With Kids and Granddad

Reading books with your grandchildren is a great way for you to spend close, cuddling time AND a great way for them to learn. And studies show that kids remember sitting with you, cuddling, and understand how much you love them.

And through easy-to-understand books like these, your grandkids will learn self esteem, how to work with other kids, patience, and tolerance. And the best part is: they won’t even know they are learning – it’s just fun and (perhaps most importantly) it’s with YOU!

Need to help your grandchild focus on a specific skill? Then read to her. Need to help your grandchild slow down, focus, and then proceed calmly to bed? Read to him. Need to involve two or more grandkids at the same time and stop the natural sibling rivalry (and fighting for your attention)? Right: it’s time to read!

See what you feel about some of these. And if you want to learn more, just click on the little image to go to to learn more.


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