Use Video For Your Legacy

Video is the best way to let people know who you are… now and when you’re not here. We will live on the Internet forever, and if you want people to see you, hear you, know who you are, then you should capture video.

Get IN Your Videos

What many people forget: you need to get IN your videos. It’s great to record what your kids and grandkids look and sound like, but if you aren’t in your photos and videos, YOU will not be remembered.

Learn From Uncle Jack

Growing up, I had an Uncle Jack – he was my Dad’s Mother’s brother (so he was really my great uncle). He was known for his work at the University of Pennsylvania as head of the Drama Department (and author of several well-used text books on The Art of Play Reading, The Art of Directing, and more). His photograph is on the Wall of Fame at the back of the main stage auditorium of The Players Club of Swarthmore (so is my Dad’s). It seemed like Uncle Jack was everywhere. But I didn’t know him. He died before I was born. So while I know his NAME and some of the things he DID, I grew up Not Knowing him.

Learn From Beckett

When Beckett was born in 2011, I quickly learned that I didn’t want him to grow up Not Knowing me. As you know from being on this website, I didn’t realize that I was waiting my whole life to become a granddad – a Spirited Granddad at that! So one night while feeding Beckett his bottle in his room… the room was dark, the sound machine on, the rocking chair was comfortable as he looked up at me with the bottle in his mouth… I looked down at Beckett and thought, “If I die now, he’ll grow up Not Knowing me.” (I guess Uncle Jack impacted me in more ways than I knew!) So I vowed then to create videos WITH Beckett and FOR Beckett – ways that he could remember my touch, my sound, how much I love him.

You Can Create Videos Too!

Here’s the most important part about creating video – you must CAPTURE the video to be able to USE the video. Sounds simple, right? One of the hardest lessons for me (when I was a pro photographer) was remembering that not only was I at the wedding or the Bar Mitzvah to enjoy all the people and the activity, but I had to continue to CAPTURE the photos. And so it is with you. When you’re at a family event or just visiting with your children and grandchildren, you must remember to record some video… using a simple smart phone or an expensive camcorder… either way, you must CAPTURE before you can USE. Here are some examples of what I’ve created. You too can do this! (To see more, go to our website: Lessons From My Grandson)

Now that you have some ideas, would you like to chat about them or get some advice?

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