How Can You Build Your Legacy Through Video?

At a certain time in our lives we start to wonder how people will remember us. We often have “the stuff” we need but long for significance and meaning in our lives. Will our family know how much we loved them, cared for them, wanted them to succeed… or will most of the details fade like an old photo left in the bright afternoon sun?

As you know from, we recommend video as the number one way to preserve your legacy. Your family will always hear your voice, see you interacting with them, know how much you loved them. For anyone who has lost a loved one, it gets harder every day to remember the sound of a voice, the laughter in a room, the way people interacted when gathered together. But video solves those problem. No: video will not bring back a loved one but it will bring back vivid memories of sight, sound, and emotions.

Do you need some ideas or help to create those emotion-filled videos your family will deeply appreciate? For most people the answer is “yes!”

Meet Joe Monzo

Joe Monzo is a video expert who helps businesses, people, and brands tell their story.

He has always had a passion for telling stories through cinematic film and video and now runs his own video production company: Monzo Media Productions.

As a graduate from Albright College, Joe quickly dove right into his own, working with a software company in California. He worked on his craft by helping them edit video footage (and occasionally was the creative force behind the camera as well). He continues to do work for them even as he runs his own business.

Since 2014, Joe has branched out into the local community and works with businesses, individuals, and families.

Video has become a catalyst for people to tell and share their stories! Joe believes that everyone’s story is important and he’s ready to help you!

Why Is Joe Monzo on

Charlie, the Founder of, has been creating videos since he first directed a 3-camera recording at The Players Club of Swarthmore when he was 11 years old. His extensive library has business, family, and performance videos.

When Charlie wanted to present you with someone who creates beautiful, story-telling videos, he looked for the perfect person who could be available to help. And having met Joe on several occasions, seen him work, and then seeing the terrific results of his efforts, Charlie asked Joe to join us here so that YOU can take advantage of Joe’s artistry. He knows how to create your legacy through video so that generations to come will know who you are!

How Can Joe Help?

Invite Joe For A Weekend: Have you ever seen a documentary that feels like someone spent a weekend recording all the fun things a family did… and then tied it up with a well-edited bow and presented all the fun in a sweet, family-memory video? That’s what Joe will do for you.

Invite Joe to spend the weekend with you (depending on travel time, this could be from Friday night’s supper until Sunday’s brunch). Joe will be the historian with a camera, capturing all your fun and then editing it into a documentary about the love your family shares.

Imagine you’re on vacation – at the beach, in the mountains, at Disney World (this doesn’t have to be “on vacation,” but think it through this way so you see what we mean). Joe will be an unobtrusive observer and you will wind up with your memories preserved forever. What better way for your children and grandchildren to remember how much you love them. And the best part – all you did was enjoy a loving, caring time with your family and Joe did all the work! Your family will revisit this video over and over – with you now and later when you are gone – remembering…

Invite Joe For The Day: Joe will start the day with YOU. You two will chat on camera about life, what you’ve learned from your family and your career, how you met your spouse, what you felt like on your wedding day and when your grandchildren were born. You’ll reminisce about some of your favorite activities and what you were like when you were a kid growing up in your unique family.

Then you invite your family over and one by one each can speak to Joe… about their love for YOU! Top all this off by a family event (perhaps fishing, bowling, or celebrating a special birthday) where you interact with your family members, especially the youngest members. All of this can be accomplished in one action-packed full day.

And when you lend Joe photographs of you with your family over the years (or even some of your good-quality family video), these will add depth and meaning to this short, emotion-filled documentary.

Enjoy Your Favorite Activity: Let’s say you’re a golfer, hiker, bicyclist, painter, gardener, or just enjoy going to the beach to relax. Joe will capture you enjoying your favorite activity and then chat with you on camera about how you got started, why you love it so much, and perhaps your tips about how to do it well.

Joe will weave all of this together so that your family will always remember the enjoyment you received while doing your favorite activity.

Display Your Family Tree: If you have lots of old family photographs and always wanted to tell the story of each one so that your rich family heritage will always be remembered, Joe will capture these images and chat with you on camera about them. And add to that: it’s often fun to travel from room to room as you describe your home so that generations from now will remember how it looked and why it was central to your family’s growth.

Let Joe Introduce Himself

Though not all of the video clips below were created specifically for and some focus on people and business, they will give you an idea about the quality of Joe’s work. More videos will be added soon.

Let Joe introduce himself to you – Click This First Video Now:

It’s Time To Connect With Joe Monzo

Joe is a great guy and does super work! If you would like to find out more about Joe or ask him how he might help you build your legacy through video, please use this form to connect with him.

Ask him a question, tell him about yourself, or just ask him to show you more of his video magic. He comes highly recommended! Highly! Contact him now!



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