Video Equipment

One of the most important thing we Spirited Granddads can do to establish our legacy? Create family videos and be sure to have the video equipment you need!

We will live forever on the Internet. And video is so much better than still photos (though elsewhere you’ll see how to capture those images, preserve them, and display them in various ways).

As you can see here on this site, I have been capturing videos with my grandkids for several years. AND… I’m in them, just as you should be if you want people to remember you.

My grandkids will never wonder, “What did Granddad sound like? Did he play with me? Did he love me?” I’ll be there in those videos forever (just as you can be!).

So… I encourage you to create videos and post them online (either for public consumption or only where your family can see them).

What Video Equipment Do You Need?

And yes… our smartphones are really “good enough” these days. But if you want higher quality and enjoy creating videos, take a look at some of the equipment I’ve displayed here (or use the search box to find more).

Your editing doesn’t have to be difficult or real fancy

Charlie Seymour Jr