Randi Taxin

Randi Taxin, Social Security, Medicare, InvestmentsRandi Taxin is an insurance and education specialist with her expertise in Retirement Income Planning.

She is a mother, wife, and a business owner with twenty years of experience.

Based in Wayne Pennsylvania, she is determined to teach the ABC of Conservative Investing through educating and empowering individuals everywhere to make informed decisions about their retirement needs.

Randi’s credentials include Advanced Life and Health Insurance License through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. For many years she has been teaching the ABC of Medicare to pre-retirees and retires in the Delaware Valley. With her great knowledge and education of Social Security, Medicare, and the many choices of Supplemental Plans she is the go-to person to see about all of your retirement needs. She most recently completed all CMS training and testing to assist with the federally-facilitated marketplace for individuals and businesses.

She is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and Texas. She partners with her husband, Ron, a Tax Attorney and Accountant.

Why Is Randi Taxin on SpiritedGranddad.com?

When Charlie took a class on Social Security, Randi Taxin was the teacher. Then Pam and Charlie took a class on ABC of Conservative Investing that Randi taught. And finally, Pam and Charlie partnered with Randi and she is now their trusted financial planning adviser and friend, having shown them how to file for Social Security, Medicare, and what to do with their retirement funding.

Randi thoroughly analyzed Pam’s and Charlie’s investments, needs for future income, and created a plan to take them into retirement.

If you would like to find out about one of Randi’s classes to help you with your financial future, please use this form to connect with her. Ask her a question, tell her about yourself, or just ask to have one of her course flyers sent to you. She comes highly recommended!

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