How Can Healthy Living Make Your Feel Better And Live Longer?

Have you ever visited the medical wing of a respected retirement community? Charlie, the Founder of, had to put his mother into the medical wing not long after his father died. Though she receives excellent care (based on studies of surrounding retirement/life-care centers), it’s tough watching live her way through the 90s.

And some of the people “in the center court” where the communal large-screen TV is have lost all sense of the vitality of life as they lounge or sleep away most of the day.

It’s hard not to wonder what these people could have done in their younger years to help them in their 80s and 90s.

Meet Emi Kirschner

Emi Kirschner, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker and AuthorEmi Kirschner, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker and Author, cracks the code by showing high achieving individuals how their relationship with food affects their lives and keeps them stuck in stress filled lives. Emi’s compassionate, original style combined with her fun approach to coaching harnesses an inner energy for her clients that delivers results. More than learning what food to eat, you learn to take the chaos out of juggling work and family.

Emi’s background in marketing and as a personal chef, paired with her experiences of building a successful business and being a single mom shapes her unique perspective on achieving lifelong wellness; easily. She embraces your strengths, emphasizing how they can help you create the life you desire. Her innovative strategies and non-judgmental style give her clients the “A-HA” moments necessary to make great leaps in their health.

A lover of adventure and food, Emi incorporates these passions in her Individual Coaching Programs, Corporate Training, and “French Fries to Foodies,” her video e-course for parents/grandparents of picky eaters. Emi is the co-author of the book, Get Results! She shares her secrets to getting what you want in life and business.

Anyone that is looking to make meaningful and long term changes to their health and life in general, work with Emi. – Erinn Wenrich, Owner Brandywine Studio, LLC

Why Is Emi Kirschner on

Have you ever sat next to someone, engaged them in conversation, and instantly felt a bond with him or her? That’s what happened to Charlie when first meeting Emi. They attended a business conference (always looking how to improve themselves). Then they emailed. Then they met again to discuss how they could work together on

It was like two great friends meeting again.

Emi is SO impressive. Food, exercise, healthy living mindset, and so much more.

How Can Emi Help?

Do you need someone to help ease the stress of every-day life that seems to force you to eat too much?

She’s a mom, business woman, former personal chef, and someone who doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to helping people: everyone is an individual and she will find your inner strength to help you specifically. And perhaps “French Fries to Foodies,” her video e-course for parents/grandparents of picky eaters, can help you too!

It’s Time To Connect With Emi Kirschner

Emi is a great person! If you would like to find out more about her or ask her how she might help you with healthy living, please use this form to connect with her. Now!

Ask her a question, tell her about yourself, or just ask her to show share some of her secrets with you. She comes highly recommended! Highly! Contact her now!


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