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Eating, sleeping, exercising, and “putting the oxygen mask on yourself first” are all a part of Healthy Living here on

As we age (ohhhhh how I hate to admit to myself that that is happening!), what we need to do to maintain healthy living changes.

I remember back in grade school and Junior/Senior High: we had exercise every day (well… “health class” took one of the five days each week in high school but the rest of the time we had at least 40 minutes of heart-pounding exercise). And watching my grandson in preschool – he is out playing EVERY day: rain, shine, snow, cold. Sometimes he comes home covered in mud and we have to put him in the bath (or at least wipe him down).

When I went off to college and had NO scheduled exercise every day is when I started to feel it. Mono hit me freshman year. Not sure if I gained the “freshman 15” (pounds, that is) or not but left up to my own uneducated devices, I’m sure I ate carb after carb and left the veggies and salads on the cafeteria counter.

There IS a famous family story of my Mom being out (when I was in high school) and I had to fend for myself. What did I eat? Noodles, rice, and mashed potatoes! Ohhhh, and gravy. YUM!

So it’s time to focus on our health, or as I like to say “putting the oxygen mask on yourself first” (as they advise us on airplanes) – we can’t help anyone else if we, ourselves, aren’t healthy.

You can think of this as the index page for Healthy Living. We will continue to add more experts to help you, advise you, connect with you. Their posts will be in our blog and you can gain great information from them AND directly connect with them (telling them that you learned about them on

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