Spirited Granddad – and now it begins… Little did I know when my younger daughter and son-in-law were married on the 4th of July, 2010 that I had waited my whole life to become a granddad.

On September 8, 2011, Beckett was born. It was like a whole new emotional area of my heart was born that same day too.

As I write this, he is 4 years old and we’re great buddies. I have chronicled much of his life on LessonsFromMyGrandson.com so I won’t do that here. But what he has stirred in me has energized me to reach out to other men “of a certain age” to share ideas, stories, and life experiences.

I grew up with an “Uncle Jack” being mentioned by my parents. Uncle Jack was my Dad’s mother’s brother. But I never knew Uncle Jack. I knew what he looked like because I have photographs. I know some of his history in theater because I have some of the books he wrote. But I never heard his voice, saw him in action, learned what a loving, caring guy he must have been.

So part of the mission of this new site is to encourage Spirited Granddads to capture lots of video and get IN them as well. We owe it to generations that follow us – they want to know what we sound like, how we loved them, how we cared for them, what we looked like while holding, kissing, playing with them.

More to follow. I invite you to join me… either as a Spirited Granddad or as an expert who can help this assembled crowd.

What Is “Spirited”?

Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination; having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood; enthusiastic, feisty, plucky, spunky, and more.

Imaginations will flow free with arts and crafts sets for kids

What Is Spirited Granddad?

It’s For The Loving, Caring Man Of A Certain Age plus his family and friends. It’s to encourage Dads to get involved and Granddads to stay involved. It’s a community where you share your family adventures and experts advise us about finances, health, video storytelling, and more. It’s a place to help you:

  • Care for you and your health,
  • Celebrate your grandkids and family, and
  • Build your finances and retirement for this next part of your life.

Come: tell us your stories, ideas, and solutions for a happy, spirited life. Share your photos, videos, and other ways you’re building your legacy so that your grandkids will always know how much you love them. Encourage others to live their lives to the fullest, too. If YOU didn’t know that you were waiting your whole life to become a Granddad, you are perfect for this new community: Come to SpiritedGranddad.com.

Please Join Us!



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