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Let’s make this really simple, because it’s more important to get busy with the fun stuff! I have to post these regulations for you, but I want to make it as painless as possible.

Charlie Seymour Jr appears on CharlieTheMarketer.com, CharlieSeymourJr.com, LessonsFromMyGrandson.com, and SpiritedGranddad.com, and other related domain names. Sometimes in this document we shorten the owner name to SMO when writing here, and that applies to all of the related URLs owned by Charlie Seymour Jr or SMO Marketing LLC. These URLs comprise one website even if the headers or URLs appear to be different.

If you have any questions regarding any of the policies we talk about here, drop me a line at: Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com

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Please read this Affiliate Disclaimer: At various times from our websites and in our emails, we will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale. Our recommendations are ALWAYS based on our belief that the product and its creator/author will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, the relationship with that person, and or previous positive experience with the person or company whose product is recommended. In some cases we will be compensated when you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation. Sometimes we will receive the product for free for review purposes (so you should look at that as our being compensated as well). But Note This: do your OWN due-diligence every time before making any purchases here or on another site. Never purchase anything that you cannot afford. And it is known throughout the Internet that most people don’t do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. That’s right: zero. And since we don’t know how seriously you will work with a product or service, we can’t say what YOUR results will be. Hey… we’re required to say this (and we do several times!) so pay attention and purchase when YOU know that a product or service will help YOU!

Who Owns What is on Our Site?
SMO Marketing LLC owns everything on this website (and we have the bills to prove it!). Except for information which we found on the Internet and that is public domain, and any materials you give us, you can’t modify, copy, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, sell, rent, trash, or shred because we own it. Think of it like it’s OUR ball and you’re playing OUR game… just makes sense like this, doesn’t it?

When you use this website, any of our articles or electronic media, or any of the courses we present, you agree to hold SMO Marketing LLC ‘harmless’ for anything that may occur. And while we use our best judgment when we publish information, it is up to YOU to decide how to use it for your best return. We make NO warranties about how effective any of our materials can be for YOU: we aren’t your mothers and can’t insist you do all the work to guarantee your success. We are honest and up front about how our materials have worked for us, but we don’t know how you use it and can’t say what your results will be.

What Is Our Deliver Policy?
Anything you invest in with us is downloadable… instantly. We don’t have the staff to send things through the mail, so look to download your materials right away. And if something doesn’t go right from our servers, write to us and we’ll be sure you get what you wanted. (Write To Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com and tell us what happened if your downloadable product doesn’t get to your right away).

What Is Our Refund Policy?
Our philosophy is really clear: if YOU don’t want what you purchased from us, we don’t want you to own it. Just write to us at Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com and tell us what you purchased. Tell us that you want your money back. It’s helpful to us to know WHY that is the case.

At a minimum, we have a 30-day refund policy. Check the product you purchased to see if we even have a longer one (depending on what you purchased). In any case, you will get at least 30 days of “no questions asked” to get a full refund.

We want you THRILLED with what you get from us, so let us know if we have fallen short.

NOTE: If you purchase through Amazon.com or some other online service, THEIR refund policy is in place, not ours. If we send you to someone else’s website even if we get paid a referral fee, THEIR refund policy is in place, not ours. Once you purchase, you have to work directly with them if you need an update, refund, or additional assistance.

Acceptable Use of The Website
Since SMO Marketing LLC owns everything on the site, it gives us the right to delete anything put on the site that we don’t like. That’s our responsibility. We don’t WANT to do that, of course.

On the other hand, everything YOU write on this site is your responsibility. So don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in front of your parents, your children, or the Sunday School teacher down the street.

You should also know that when you write things and submit them on the site, you are giving us permission to use what you have written in any way we see fit. We can repackage it, send it around the world, put it on a CD for sale….you get the idea.

And, finally, any information you submit to the site is assumed to be your own original writing. If it is not your own original writing, then we assume you have permission to use it and that you are essentially telling us that everyone else has the right to read it, as well as giving us permission to use the information in any way we deem necessary as previously described.

U.S. and foreign copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws protect the original content and images used on our website. You should be aware that violators of federal and international laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. We know this may sound harsh, but we have to say it. And we put a lot of time and effort into our work and will protect it through all legal means possible.

The bottom line is… let’s all use our best judgment. Some materials just shouldn’t be put on this website and we certainly don’t want to bring in the big boys who will slap cuffs on you and throw you behind steel bars. But if we have to get tough, we will. (Yikes… that language even scared us!)

Do’s and Don’ts For This Site
While we’re on the subject, here’s a short (incomplete) list of Do’s and Don’ts for Using the Site (and be sure to read the word “Please” before each one… our mothers really did teach us to be polite!):

When you invest in one of our courses or other information products, Do use them over and over so you get all the value we pack so tightly into them. Do NOT share your paid materials with others. Federal Court is such a harsh place to play but that’s where copyright disputes end up: play nicely, don’t give away for free what you paid for, and don’t accept for free what someone else paid for: all of that is illegal and we all know that to be the case.

Don’t submit offensive or bigoted content. If you do, we’ll take out the big eraser, call your mother, and do what we must to make sure Homeland Security has you on its ‘watch list.’

One of the joys of this site is the comments section but we offer this to our Members under the assumption that it will be used wisely. We post your information immediately (unless you throw in too many links, use language we don’t like, little things like that). We still reserve the right to delete anything we don’t like.

Don’t harass other Members or Visitors, for example, by sending repeated messages. What’s harassing to one person may not be to another, but basically, use your best manners and don’t annoy people. You don’t want to be known as the Human Chinese Water Torturer for your annoying and endlessly-obnoxious habits.

Don’t exploit other Members. Be especially careful regarding the children who may view our site. Although children can only gain access with the permission of a parent or legal guardian, it is possible children may view the site at the same time you are. Be responsible.

Don’t use someone else’s password or login information (when we have them). It’s theirs, not yours. It’s easy to get your own and we suggest you do so.

Obviously, submitting anything illegal that violates copyright laws or other laws is a big No-No.

Don’t accept anyone’s opinion on this site as legal or medical advice. We can assure you we do not pay our lawyers to monitor what Members say to each other. Be savvy enough to know the difference between opinion and fact. And, by the way: we aren’t lawyers or doctors and don’t play them on the Internet… we just use out best judgment.

Play Nice, People! We don’t want our Members or Visitors getting into fisticuffs. We decided a long time ago that we would not be the referees in the boxing ring. We are not obligated to monitor disputes that arise between Members or Visitors, so if you can’t get along with someone, the Information SuperHighway should be plenty big enough for the both of you to avoid each other and let everyone else get on with things in relative peace. We’re pretty sure no one wants to a take time out to visit the Philadelphia City or Federal Courts, so it makes sense to just get along.

When You Visit Us, You Let Us Use Your Personal Information
When you write anything on this site, you may have to create a username and password. These are yours and yours alone. Please don’t rent billboards to tell everyone your information nor share it with anyone including your brother-in-law. (Tell him he’s just being cheap and should get his own!) Hey, we can’t stop you without getting nasty (and usually we’re really nice guys!), but you should protect it. Please understand that when you log on to our site and register with your username and password you confirm that you agree with our policies.

So What Is All The Personal Info We Collect?
We collect certain “personal information” including but not limited to your name, email address, home or work address, telephone number (all of which you may or may not choose to give us up until the time you purchase something from us), and information about your computer hardware and software (e.g., IP address, operating system, browser type, domain name, URL, access times, and referring website addresses). That’s all geek-speak for “we’re checking the info you give us AND the computer stuff you’re using WHEN you give it to us.” Helps us keep track about what’s going on around here. If and when you purchase something, your credit card information is not seen by us – only the secure servers of our shopping cart at PayPal. We don’t keep any of that information: that’s why we pay them to manage all of it for us.

Why Do We Collect This Information?
We could give you lots of reasons, but as we said, it helps us run the place better and lets us keep track of who is on here.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?
We don’t want anyone poking around in our drinking water, reading our mail, or sticking their noses in our business and we know you don’t want that either. That’s why SMO takes your personal information very seriously and does not sell or share your personal information with any third party for any purpose. Heck, we’re just glad you’re here!

SMO Marketing LLC collects only the information needed as already described and does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen. And if you’re under the age of eighteen and reading this, you’re on this website because mom, dad, or a legal guardian said you could be (or if not: bye bye… we just can’t let you use this site!).

And it’s your responsibility to make your bed every day AND keep your information on here up-to-date. How else will we know how to contact you? (That refers to your information being up-to-date, not your bed being made!)

Just so you know – after you’re old, gray, tired, and don’t want to visit us any more (ok… so we mean after you stop coming here), we keep your information just in case the “tax man” comes looking and asks us questions. He’ll have to use the Chinese water torture to get any information out of us – we ain’t no stool pigeons, but we DO have to cooperate with the Law!

And one more important point about your personal information: Be very careful what kind and how much information you give out about yourself when submitting any writing to the site. We can’t walk you to your car at night nor monitor your phone calls at home, so post your own personal information judiciously, remembering that as great as all our Members are (and their mothers told us to say that), you still want to be careful with your personal information.

ONE last thing on this topic: We will NEVER ask you to give your username or password. Don’t let anyone fool ya into thinking that WE asked for that. You supply that on our Registration Forms – we’ll never message you and ask you to give us that info.

Cookies (and Milk?)
A cookie in this case is not an Oreo. It’s more geek-speak telling you that a very small, all text file may be put on your computer so we’ll know who you are next time you visit us. This is as common as kids having cookies and milk after school.

You do not have to agree to allow your browser to accept cookies from SMO. If you don’t want to, that’s perfectly fine, but you should know that you may not be able to take advantage of the full features and benefits of the SMO website by doing so. And you’ll have to type your username and password in every time (for any membership areas), because we won’t be able to remember it for you.

Website Errors/ Disclaimers
This is the part where we tell you that anything that goes wrong on this site is not our fault. The truth is, incorrect information was probably put there by you or one of our well-intentioned members or visitors, so that is your responsibility or their responsibility. Anything you submit to the site is submitted by you, so that is also your responsibility.

Let’s face it. Online services aren’t perfect and may malfunction. We’ll do everything we can to avoid it but we can’t guarantee it will never happen.

And you know these legal mumbo jumbo words: SMO Marketing LLC cannot assume responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure, theft or destruction of unauthorized access to or alteration of user or Member communications. Yeh, yeh, yeh… really it’s not our fault!

And there’s more: SMO Marketing LLC cannot be responsible for technical malfunctions of computer network or lines, servers or providers, or traffic overload on the Internet or at our Website. We’re busting our bums to make this available 24/7 (you know… all day every day!), but cyberspace is a big place and stuff can go wrong! We’ll keep working to get things fixed if it’s anything we can influence, but it’s not our fault if something goes screwy!

Oops… can’t forget this one: if you find typos and wrong grammar, please know that some people derive great joy in finding them and we left them there for their enjoyment! Reely, wee hav!

Hey, we provide the playground…you bring the toys! If you do find an error, please send it to us at: Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com

Cuff Links and Web Links – Who Is Paid What?
You’re going to find links on this site and we encourage you to use them as a part of your privileges of being here. Some of these links go to materials we have created and some go to materials created by other people or organizations. SMO has lots of links and we don’t control what’s at the other end of all of them, so use them wisely. We want only the best sites to connect to us, but we can’t control them either. So it’s up to you which sites you will view and which you won’t. Shut them down if you don’t like them and don’t invite them to play in our sandbox any more!

And know that when you are charged for something, someone is being paid. Oh, sure… SMO Marketing LLC may get a small referral fee if we send you to Amazon, or some other site OR we might get the entire fee if you purchase one of OUR goodies. We value the trust you put in us and will review everything as clearly and honestly as we know how… and sometimes we’re compensated (and that sure helps keep this website running).

Here’s the legal jargon that says that: Please read OUR Affiliate Disclaimer:
At various times SMO Marketing LLC (through any of our many URLs) will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale. This recommendation is always done after careful consideration and our belief that the product and its creator will provide quality information and value based on our review and understanding of their product, our relationship with the creator, and/or our previous positive relationship with the company or person whose product we recommend. Sometimes we will be compensated if you purchase the product and sometimes we have been given free versions of the product for us to review. You MUST do your own research, study, and due-diligence before buying anything. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Most people who purchase these products never spend any time working with them and they get results equal to zero.

Hey… don’t smoke, drink, jaywalk, do drugs, or use language you don’t want splashed all over the Internet. Gee… have we covered THIS topic enough?

Federal Trade Commission Wants THIS Said
As per mandates from FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, 16 CFR Part 255 – Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, you should figure that people who make nice comments about us are either related to us (thanks, Mom!), have bought stuff from us, or are working with us in an affiliate position (and will be compensated by us). Oh, sure… there are some who just think we are TOPS and want to say nice things about us, but they have to be a bit crazy to say such nice things, don’t you think? So… YOU should assume that anyone saying nice things about us through a testimonial or endorsement MAY be affiliated with SMO Marketing LLC and may be compensated through commissions when you purchase something because they told you it was good OR they may have received free promotional copies so they could review our products and give endorsement testimonials. Could they be biased because they stand to make some money when you purchase from us? Maybe – we believe everything stated here are true statements and you can ask for verification by writing to Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com – explain the story completely before clicking Send.

European Union Safe Harbor Compliance Statement (WOW… THAT’s a Mouthful):
The data-privacy laws we must obey protect information that might be transferred from the European Union to the United States. The U.S. and E.U. have entered into a “Safe Harbor” that allows U.S. entities receiving personal information from the E.U. to satisfy those obligations. SMO Marketing LLC has satisfied the requirements of the Safe Harbor Principles and is in compliance with the U.S. Department of Commerce to our best knowledge.

Unsolicited Advertisements
Look, don’t send or sell anything that may be in violation of Pennsylvania State, US Federal, or other laws. We don’t want anyone to do that because we pay attention to laws and live by them (and we want to live by them OUTSIDE of jail, so don’t do any bad stuff!).

We Change Things, So Read This Often
We always explore new ways to improve the technology and features offered on our website. This means we’ll change the information in this policy periodically too. (Heck… we wouldn’t have come up with all the cool things in on this website if we kept using our manual typewriter all the time!) So pay attention and read here often to see what we’ve changed.

One thing we should talk about is SPAM. Not that spicy meat in a can that was a staple of WWII but the kind of SPAM that floods the Internet. Spam is unsolicited email that you REALLY don’t want, unlike permission-based email, which is email you expect from people you know or regularly do business with.

SMO Marketing LLC only sends emails to people who sign up here and give us permission. We enforce a no-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy. By doing business with SMO Marketing LLC, you are consenting to comply with our Anti-Spam Policy. Yes, we’ll hire the Internet Police if we have to, because we know spamming and forum vandalism when we see it.

The best thing to do is… don’t try it. We don’t want it, and neither do you.

Pay Attention And Keep Your Nose Clean:
Members and visitors who use our products and services for spamming purposes will have their memberships terminated, with no refunds. (Sounds so tough, doesn’t it… well, we have to be when it comes to this!).

No one is permitted to use our Member lists for their own business purposes nor use our systems, software, or services for any bad activities. (Can’t we all just get along?)

Age Requirements For SMO Users
Listen up, all you young ’uns using our site! (Don’t we all wish we had our youth too?)

We love children and want them to be comfortable using computers, but there are some sites where they should be well supervised by an adult. All our URLs are among them. Sure, if a child under thirteen writes to us, we’ll respond. But we won’t create a Profile or otherwise retain any personal information about the child. Only parents or legal guardians can submit this information.

Children under eighteen are allowed to log on to our site only if they have member accounts created by a parent or legal guardian and are using that person’s credit card when purchasing something. We want you to visit us, but parents or legal guardians must give permission or we give two demerits for not following the rules.

SMO Marketing LLC adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations implementing this Act. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13 (and you shouldn’t either).

Think PG-13 when you are using the site! There are plenty of other forums out there that would be happy to accept smut, but we’re not one of them, because we’re really against all that here.

Earnings Disclaimer and Forward-Looking Statements
Have you ever read the disclaimers in the packages of medicine you purchase? YIKES… sounds like they give you MORE of what you don’t want. But it’s required… and so is THIS language:

We have made every effort to state clearly and honestly what you can expect as results of what we present. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using what we suggest, the techniques and ideas we tell you about, or any of the products we sell. Nothing stated in our materials are to be taken as a promise or guarantee – we’d be foolish to do that since we don’t know you nor how you will use our materials. Only YOU can determine how well you will do with what you gain from here. NOTHING here is a get-rich scheme – we don’t like them and don’t ever recommend them.

If we make a claim, we can back it up (write to us at Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com if you want to learn more). Your level of success is based on your mindset, time you spend with our materials, your previous knowledge and training, your finances, your skill levels, etc. You are different from every other person, so clearly we can’t guarantee success or financial gain.

The Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 defined what statements might be “forward-looking.” These are statements that give us hope for a future outcome. Such words as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” and other such words and terms that relate to a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Your results may vary from ours and all other people too.

Forward-looking statements express our opinion of earnings potential not actual earnings expected. No guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas, podcasts, videos, posts, suggestions, or techniques.

Phewww… that was painful to type. But it is required!

Who Gets Paid:
As with many websites, when you click on advertising on this site, someone gets paid. Often a referral or affiliate fee is paid to SMO Marketing LLC and we advise you to think carefully before investing any of your hard-earn money on something from here (just as we cautioned at the top of this page). Some advertising we are aware of specifically, like those items we highlight on the Home Page. Other ads are generated dynamically by Google or Amazon and we don’t know what is being listed there until it is shown. In either case, know that you must always be thoughtful before spending money.

Copyright Owned by SMO Marketing LLC
All materials on this site are © copyrighted by SMO Marketing LLC. No part of this may be copied, or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way, online or offline, other than what is outlined within this site, under any circumstances without express written permission from SMO Marketing LLC. You may write to Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com if you’d like to use something…

SpiritedGranddad.com – Use Policy

Copyright © 2016 CharlieSeymourJr.com and SMO Marketing LLC. All Rights Reserved, though frequently permission is granted for use for ezines, blogs, radio programs, TV news, and magazines. If you want to use something you find here, please email Charlie Seymour Jr at Charlie@SpiritedGranddad.com or call 610.572.2581 to leave a message.